A very Christmasy Homeowner's Associations Party

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A very Christmasy Homeowner's Associations Party

What a fantastic way to get to know your neighbors by getting together at a big holiday party! This was a very Christmasy Homeowner's party, and full of love. Everyone got a chance to meet and mingle. Everyone brought a dish, and everyone had full tummies! Let's get down to the details. 

They wanted the theme to be classic Christmas colors: Red, Green and White along with the classic characters: Santa and the reindeers. A tight budget, but those are always the best ones, because that's when you have to use your imagination to the fullest.

The main entrance wall, was used as the photo booth wall.

The main entrance was used as the photobooth area.

The beginning stages of the main wall in the main hall. This is the focal point and where the dessert table would be set up.

The finished wall, has all three colors, a few stars, a sitting santa balloon, and two christmas trees. All purchased through our online store.

Our favorite Santa balloon. He just makes you smile. :-)

Love the dark green contrast of the table linens. Makes the wall stand out much more.

A far away shot of the wall. Remember, this is all about the budget of your client. The trees and the balloons are a great compliment to stretch an already tight budget.

The rest of the hall.

My favorite little reindeers. You can see the kid's section still not finished here.

This area we used the gold balloons for the kid's table, a giant confetti balloon to cover one empty cover, a fun projector to have kid's christmas movies playing until Santa arrives and it would then play a fireplace. 

Kid's table and chairs.

Santa's Chair and magical bag. I can't tell you how excited the kids where to see him.

Santa's sleigh and his reindeers.

My little helper elves got tired, and decided to utilize the movie area. LOL. They were watching Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas? It was a blur at that point.

The gifts that Santa would give out later.

The drinks table, before it got super wet. 

Did I mention this is a very big hall? LOL. This is the back door, they didn't want people going out. So what to do? Put decorations on it! 

Large food table, before everyone brought in their dishes.

This is the end of the decorations, and set up...Now a bit of fun from the party...

The kids right before Santa came in.

Even the parents were excited and couldn't put the phones down.

Here he is!!!

Santa was played by one of the parents from the neighborhood. Overall, your community is what you put in it. The love you give, is what you receive back. Special moments, special people, happy faces, special memories...Isn't that the way the song goes? Precious moments indeed...

Merry Christmas.


Andy Moyssidis


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