Bee Party Ideas

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Bee Party Ideas

Nothing is sweeter than bees buzzing by to create honey! What a cute party theme honey and bees! Here I have put together some ideas for an adorable bees & honey party, just click on the photos to be sent to the proper shops.

The invitations are a great way to let your family and friends know that there is a sweet party on the way! You can find now-a-days invitations in 3D or regular flat invitations, just depends on your budget and how much you would like the stamps to cost. :-D I found these adorable invitations:

Time to think of decorations! What about a banner? Here is another handmade beauty. 

Start to add some other fun decorations! Decorate the house with some honeycomb hanging decorations and why not add some bees on them?

And some glitter balloons that you can decorate yourself! These balloons are extremely durable, and the decorations are adorable! I used them for a client recently, and was extremely impressed by the materials this company uses, and the amount of items you get for the price. Hence why we continue to buy from them, and put them in my shop.

Add a few balloons with script sayings to add some whimsy.

Don't forget to be creative! Use balloons to create your own bees!

Now time for the food...Serve some little burgers with fries, mini hot dogs with chips, pop corn, or other fun foods in these fun trays!

or use regular plates for cake, big sandwiches, or anything else you would like to serve. 


Don't forget some cute bamboo cutlery!

Now for the drinks! Serve them in this beautiful glass dispenser.

we also have these fun glass milk bottles, that can be used to serve tea, or other sweet drinks,

Now it is time for cake! Serve it in this gorgeous buttermilk, white or black milk glass cake stands:


Here are some really cute ideas for cakes and some tutorials I found through the net. Loving this honey cake from the ever sage Martha Stewart:



Or if you would rather have cute cupcakes, here is a great tutorial via

Cupcakes Garden.

or these fun cupcakes with this great tutorial for bees made from jelly beans?

Don't forget your birthday candles...


Add some cookies with the sweets!

Need some inspirations for the dessert table?

Ready for some fun entertainment? Here is a bee piñata!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun compilation of ideas, DIYs and products you can use to create your very own Bees & Honey party!




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