Grey and Pink Baptism

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Grey and Pink Baptism

A beautiful pink and grey theme baptism, and a little lamb mascot. It was a sweet event, that took a lot of work in organizing and getting all the items ready for both the ceremony and reception. Here are some photos from the event, along some amazing local Miami vendors and some from a far.

The reception hall before decorating for the main event.


Her beautiful dress, that was bought by her godmother (koumbara in greek).


The reception hall after all the decorations, centerpieces, stunning linens provided by Eventiste Fine Linens in Miami. I chose to have all the guest tables in semi dark grey, with smaller centerpieces, while the main table was a pink linen with a tall centerpiece. The chiavari chairs were all silver with pink cushions. It made the whole reception hall look stunning.


This one was a small centerpiece at one of our guests tables.


This is a little bit taller centerpiece for our guests tables. I love the contrast of the pink roses with the grey table linen.


I chose edible favors, it is my personal opinion that edible favors are usually the best bet for your dollar. Most people, if it is not a usable favor just toss them out. That is one way to save some money if you have a limited budget.


Our second favor, was our delicious dessert table. People always love to take a look at what kind of sweets you have brought, and a great way for people to leave feeling happy with a take out box full of candy.


I added some delicious macarons, some madelines, and some Greek rose delights all the way from Greece.

These amazing and personalized cookies are from one of my favorite cookie vendors, Stephanie from The Hungry Hippopotamus. She is one talented young lady!

She even added little bows to the sheep!! These cookies tasted as good as they looked.


I hope this inspires your next event, even with tight budgets, beautiful things can happen with a little DYIs, love and determination. If you need help in styling and designing your next event and don't need a party planner contact us so we can help you at a very small cost.

All of our centerpieces, cake stands and serving plates are available to rent (locally in Miami) in our Ruffles and Sweets store. Personalized party printables are available for sale in our store. Contact us for prices and other deals.




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