Halloween is Here!

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Halloween is Here!

As the temperature slowly goes down (not so much in Miami); we begin to think of Fall activities, and the best part: HALLOWEEN!!! Around our house, we can't wait to take out all the cute halloween items we have in our over stuffed garage. I have already gotten my first Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frapuccino (because let's be honest in Miami it is too blazing hot for a Latte). That Pumpkin taste has got me seeing oranges, and wishing for the crisp air. 

Our awesome Halloween merchandise has arrived at the boutique, and I couldn't wait to take it out and display it. SO let's take a tour of the cuteness overload of ghosts, skeletons, witches, and black cats we got in store for you this season!

I picked out some fun hanging decorations this year to compliment from last years. Mix the new skeletons with the honeycomb spiders and ghosts for a fun backdrop!

Don't forget the beautiful pinwheels! I got the regular colors for Halloween (black, & orange) but also silver, and gold which is always nice to mix metals.

Don't forget a nice garland to welcome your guests, this year the BOO! balloon mixed with pom pons is specially nice. Big variety of garlands to choose from, it should be quite fun to pick one out this year. 

Now on to the plates, napkins, cups, and more! These are always my favorite because this is where you can display the most fun characters.

This year this set comes with these four designs, keeping more with the traditional halloween colors:

Last year's designs the witch had more of a turquoise tone to her face, still very cute with the bronze metals:

The year before the colors and characters maintained the traditional feel and colors all around and not just the character face but icons:

The napkins are all the fun characters which you can match quite nicely. We have the new cat and ghost from this year, the cat and witch from last year, and a few of the witch from the year before.

The cups! These are always my favorite!!! Aren't they fun?

What else??? The BALLOONS!!!! I am in love with the new MYLAR balloons!!!

How are YOU going to decorate this year??? Check out the rest of the items in the store, and send us your photos to be featured in our blog, and social media feeds. 


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