Party Decorations Tips & Ideas

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Party Decorations Tips & Ideas

Today's topic, party decorations! I believe that a good party, will set the ambiance not only with a fantastic venue, but the details in the decorations. Putting thought into the details, make your guests involved with your event. You could have photos of family and friends attending the event, that one is usually a great one, because it makes the guests find themselves among your photos. Photobooths are a great interactive way as part decoration and part entertainment, how silly can we really be?


You can go different ways on photobooths, you can rent a big one or you can make one yourself using a frame and a few props. This is a nice vintage photobooth.



But my favorites are still the ones that incorporate the venue as part of the booth.



What about signs? I love a beautiful handwritten sign as part of the decorations to an event. What better way to let people know where things are, or your way of thinking? This reception sign is just lovely and compliments the venue very nicely.



This one speaks the mind of both the groom and bride, and how they want a united family. A great tutorial by Creative Green Living.



Balloons are also a great way to add decorations to any party. You can get really big balloons, to just add a few touches here and there.



Or you can really decorate them with some tulle and a few flowers.



Any way you decide to decorate your event, keep in mind that the details are what is going to stay in the minds of your guests for years to come.

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