Pokémon Go Party

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Pokémon Go Party

A very fun Pokémon Go! Party was assembled for a very special Teen: Lydia! Who turned 13. Mom Alicia wanted to keep the theme teen friendly, and not too many characters, I set to work by keeping it simple.

I created a large backdrop with the famous Pokémon ball and Lydia's name in large Pokémon letters.

The candy jars where filled with red, yellow, and black candies, I played on words with some of the characters' names: charmanrocks, picachews, jigglypuffs, & zecromcocho.

I bought the candies from our friends at Miami Candies. Talk about a selection! They have everything you can imagine.

The beautiful candy bags are from our shop, and Alicia wanted the famous Pokémon ball on front of each one. I added some glitter since it is a girl's teen birthday, to add some bling but not too much. Lydia loved them.

I also called my best friend Daly at Sweet Couture by Daly to create the cake pops and chocolate covered Oreos with the Pokémon ball designs. She did a fabulous job.

I also created a fun photo prop of a cellphone with the Pokémon Go logo, and everyone loved the idea of being "inside the game."

My biggest reward from this party was seeing Lydia's face when she saw the dessert table and the photo prop, and asking me for a hug! Priceless. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Andy Moyssidis

Vendor Credits

Dessert Table: Andy Moyssidis

Backdrop & PhotoProp: Ruffles & Sweets

Personalized Pokémon Candy Bags: Ruffles & Sweets

Candy: Miami Candies

Cake Pops & Chocolate Covered Oreos: Sweetcouture by Daly

Pokemon Cake: Publix Supermarket


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