Pretty DIY Backdrop

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Pretty DIY Backdrop

Today's easy and pretty DIY is one full of flowers, and macarons!

flower backdrop diy, party, dessert table

Items you will need for this DIY;

1.- Find a pretty ornamental frame, that still has the glass on it. ( You can spray painted to your color scheme if you like)

ornate frame

2.- Washi Tape 

washi tape

3.- Fresh or silk flowers.

peony, fresh flowers, silk flowers

4.- Scissors.

gold scissors, flowers

5.- Gloves (can be latex free).

Cut some pretty flowers (silk or fresh) with about 1 inch left on the stem.

cutting flowers, party backdrop, flower backdrop

Tape them on the glass, and make sure to use gloves as not to leave fingerprints on the glass.

pretty birthday, flower backdrop, macarons, tea party

pretty flower backdrop, macarons, milk glass cake stand

Voila! A pretty set up for your next tea party, baby shower, or birthday.

pretty party, tea party, fresh flowers, macarons

We hope you liked this easy DIY frame.




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