The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Party Inspirations

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Party Inspirations

I am a HUGE fan of Jack Skellington and Sally! The story of Jack not being happy being himself, and trying to be someone he is not is a classic. But the artistry of the movie, makes this cult classic a go to inspiration every year for many people. From weddings, bridal showers, to baby showers! Many people love the famous duo, and Halloween is here. I have gathered the best of the best from around Pinterest, and added them in one spot to inspire you into creating one Nightmarish Tim Burton party!

Let your guests know all about your theme from the moment they receive their invitations! I found this very fun invitation via Etsy Absolutely love the design!

Set the mood from the entrance of your home, if you have a front yard create some awesome DIY statues and decorations. I found some DIYs to help you get started:

The fountain where the Pumpkin King woke up from:

Zero's House!

Jack's Christmas math algebra makes a fun decoration! Source from Catch My Party.

Now for the front door, I found these two fun wreaths and I couldn't pick. Maybe one for the front another one for the guest bathroom??

Or you can do the WHOLE DOOR! Love this fun door entrance from 
April Christensen Cook

This would be a fun piece to add to the entrance as your guests come in the house.

The snake that eats the Christmas tree! 

Some of the snow "flakes" that Jack makes when he gets back from visiting Christmas town, when they actually are spiders! Here is a template I found from

The table! Love this subtle take on the theme, not overwhelming, just using black and white by Enchanted Garden. If you like more color, I would probably just add purple.

Let's talk about the food. It should taste delicious as well as look appetizing.

Love this cake from Sparkly Ever After!

Make some cute fondant cupcakes!

Maybe some easy cookies? Either using fondant (which is faster than icing) or order some from your local cookie artist. Get inspired by these cookies from AngelicaMadeMe.

Want to dress up? Here is great make up by Saida Mickeviciute to inspire yours.

I hope I have given you a little bit of inspiration for your next Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Party by gathering a little bit of different ideas here for you. Send us your photos and stories to be featured in our blog. 

Thank you again for your continued support.

Happy Haunting!


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