Valentine's Day Fun

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Valentine's Day Fun

As Valentine's Day fastly approaches, we thought it would be great to do a styled photo shoot of our valentine themed items to give you ideas and inspiration for you to use them.

We found an amazing French bakery near us called Chocolate Fashion in Coral Gables, FL. Their pastries not only look amazing, but taste amazing too! (We had them after the photoshoot) Find an amazing local bakery, that does little petit fours, or pastries that would complement our valentine range, and serve your sweetheart a fun little dessert treat or breakfast in bed. 

The beautiful heart plates were combined with a beautiful little strawberry heart cake and another chocolate mousse cake.

The treat boxes we filled them with one macaron each. Perfect if we are going to pass them out to friends or family members.

We love the Valentine cards! These are perfect for the kids to pass out in class. They are adorable, with unique sayings, and temporary tattoos.

The astronauts cards are perfect for those kids who would love to reach the stars!

The food cards have the perfect play on words, that kids will get a kick on reading.

Find all of these fun products on our webpage, or at the boutique.


Andy Moyssidis 


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