Whimsy Fairies & Butterflies!

noviembre 01, 2016 0 Comentarios

Whimsy Fairies & Butterflies!

Our newest theme has arrived, and it is absolutely whimsically enchanted: fairies and butterflies! The gorgeously drawn plates, cups, napkins, garlands, and more, are the perfect theme for someone who loves the world of fairies. 

Who doesn't love these beautiful drawings of fairies and butterflies?
How gorgeous are these butterflies?? Each set of cups comes with their own set of butterflies so your guests can decorate their own cups!
The napkins are gorgeous too! 
What treats will you give your guests in these beautiful treat bags?
The most beautiful part of this theme are the decorations! The keepsake gift set is a door entry way for the fairies to come and visit your little birthday child. Don't forget the gorgeous garland!
Have fun with our new Fairies and Butterflies theme, and send us photos of the parties you put together with our products.


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