Explore Burlap Banner, Explore Nursery Decor,

This burlap banner is full of the adventurous spirit - and is the perfect touch for your explore themed nursery or birthday party! Our banners work great as photo decor for themed photos, and then as table or mantle decor once your the the party has started (we're all about dual functionality over here!)

BANNER DETAILS All of our banners come ready to hang, just open the package and you're ready to go! We recommend tying banner ends on decor that you already have, or taping into old books at each end (works great for on the head table). All banners are sewn around the twine, so you can space each flag however you'd like. Perfect for adding pictures, ribbon or small ornaments in between the letters. Burlap is a natural burlap/fibre colour, paint comes standard in creamy white.

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